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The Cedarhurst Unitarian Universalist library is located in the small room to the left as you enter the foyer.  Members and friends are invited to check the books out and take them home for one month at a time.  There is a clipboard on the wall to the left as you walk in.  Simply sign out the book with your name, title, and the due date-one month from now.  When you return the book, please put it in the "Return Basket" to be shelved by a library volunteer.

If you have books at home you'd like to donate, put them in the donations basket on the window shelf.  We will catalog the book and add it to the shelves, or make it available to others on the "Give-away" bookshelves in the foyer-depending on the needs of the library.

Our goal is to see as many titles in circulation as possible.

Please contact Melinda Byrd about questions or request for the library.

The subjects are:


ADM: Church Leadership and Administration [top]

Beard, Margaret L, ed. All Are Chosen: Stories of Lay Ministry and Leadership.

Berry, Ermin. The Alban Personnel Handbook for Congregations.

Callahan, Kennon L. Twelve Keys to an Effective Church.

Callahan, Kennon L.  Twelve Keys to an Effective Church.

Heifetz, Ronald.  Leadership Without Easy Answers.

Heller, Anne Odin.  Churchworks (2)

Mead, Loren B.  More Than Numbers:  The Way Churches Grow.  (2)

Parker, Kathleen.  Sacred Service in Civic Space-Three Hundred Years of Community Ministry in Unitarian Universalism

Peers, Lawrence X., ed.  The Congregational Handbook.

Rendle, Gilbert R. Behavioral Covenants in Congregations.

Unitarian Universalist Association.  Interedependence-Renewing Congregational Polity.

Unitarian Universalist Association.  The Quality of Life in UU Congregations.

Wolfers, Elsie E. and Virginia B. Evanson.  Organizations, Clubs, and Action Groups.

CD-  DriveTime Essay, Best of Interconnections.


BIO: Biography [top]

Burstein, Andrew.  The Inner Jefferson.

Crossman, John Dominic.  The Historical Jesus.

Dutta, Krishna, and Andrew Robinson.  Rabindranath Tagore:  The Myriad-Minded


Ehrman, Bart D. Jesus-Apocalyptic Prophet of The New Millennium.

Hohoff, Tay.  A Ministry to Man � The Life of John Lovejoy Elliott.

Marton, Kati.  Wallenberg: Missing Hero.

Pilgrim, Peace.  Peace Pilgrim:  Her Life and work in her own words.

Smith, Henry Preserved.  The Heretic�s Defense.


ENV: Environment [top]

Lovelock, J.E.  Gaia � A New Look at Life on Earth


FIC: Fiction [top]

Redfield, James.  The Tenth Insight.

Wiesel, Elie.  The Gates of the Forest.

Wiesel, Elie.  Zalmen, or The Madness of God.


LIT: UU Liturgy [top]

Duck, Ruth C., ed.  Flames of the Spirit

James, Jacqui.  Between the Lines � Sources for Singing the Living


Patton, Kenneth L. Strange Harvest � Collected Lyrics and Sonnets


Patton, Kenneth L.  All Blessedness � A Book of Psalms

Seaburg, Carl, ed.  Celebrating Christmas � An Anthology

Southwowrth, Bruce.  �This Day�

Yount, David.  Breaking through God�s Silence


MEN: Men's Issues [top]

Bly, Robert.  Iron John. (2)

Owen-Towle, Tom.  Brother Spirit � Men Joining

Together in the Quest for Intimacy and Ulimacy.


PAR: Parenting [top]

Church of the Larger Fellowship (UU).  Religious Education At Home.

Coles, Robert.  The Moral Life of Children

Cortese, Sandra.  The Souls of Our Children.

Edelman, Marian Wright  A Measure of Our Success � A Letter to My Children

and Yours  (2) (also in audio form)

Eyre, Linda and Richard.  Teaching Your Children Values (authors of

Teaching Your Children Joy and Teaching Your Children Responsibility)

Hoffman, Edward. Visions of Innocence � Spiritual and Inspirational

Stories of Childhood

Hunter, Edith F.    Conversations With Children

Johnson, Cait, and Maura D. Shaw.  Celebrating the Great Mother.

King, Andrea.  If I�m Jewish and You�re Christian.

Mathias, Barbara and Mary Ann French.  Forty Ways to Raise a Nonracist


Rutter, Virginia Beane.  Celebrating Girls.

Spoerl, Dorothy T., ed.  Tensions our Children Live With � Stories for



PHI: Philosophy/Theology [top]

Adler, Felix.  An Ethical Philosophy of Life

Alley, Robert S.  James Madison on Religious Liberty

Attenborough, Richard, ed.  The Words of Ghandi

Atkinson, Brooks.  The Selected Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bourke, Vernon J., ed.  The Pocket Aquinas.

Buber, Martin.  I and Thou.

Church, F. Forrester.  The Essential Tillich � An Anthology of the

Writings of Paul Tillich.

Dalai Lama.  Ethics for the New Millenium.

Durant, Will  The Story of Philosophy.

Edman, Irwin.  Philosophy of Santayana.

Eliot, Charles W., ed.  Plato, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius.

Gandhi, Mahatma;  Louis Fischer, ed.  The Essential Gandhi.

Goldman, Daniel.  Emotional Intelligence � Why it Can Matter More Than IQ.

Greeley, Andrew M.  The Denominational Society.

Hick, John, ed.  The Existence of God.

Kolenda, Konstantin.  Religion Without God.

Kopp, Sheldon B., If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!  The Pilgrimage       of Psycho-Therapy Patients.

Kurtz, Paul.  Moral Problems in Contemporary Society.

Ogletree, Thomas W.  The Death of God Controversy.

Morain, Lloyd and Mary.  Humanism as the Next Step.

Pausch, Randy.  The Last Lecture.

Payne, John B.  Erasmus � The Theology of the Sacraments.

Raman, T.A.  What Does Ghandi Want?

Shermer, Michael.  Why People Believe Weird Things.

Shiner, Larry. The Secularization of History:  An Introduction to the

Theology of Friedrich Gogarten.

Shirk, Evelyn.  The Ethical Dimension.

Smith, Huston.  Why Religion Matters.

Streng, Frederick J.  Understanding Religious Life.

Tillich, Paul.  The Courage To Be.

Walsh, N.D.  What God Wants

Warner, Rex.  The Confessions of St. Augustine.


POE: Poetry [top]

Anthony, Jean, ed.  The Beautiful Calm � Nature�s Inspiring Moods

Schutz, Susan Polis.  I Want to Laugh, I Want to Cry � Poems on Women�s


Schutz, Susan Polis.  Love, and Live and Share


SH: Self-Help [top]

Alcoholics Anonymous.  Came to Believe.

Axline, Virginia M.  DIBS: In Search of Self.

Benson, Herbert.  The Relaxation Response.

Bolles, Richard N.  The Three Boxes of Life and How to Get Out of Them.

Carlson, Richard.  Don�t Sweat the Small Stuff�And It�s All Small Stuff. (2)

Chopra, Deepak.  How to Know God:  The Soul�s Journey Into the Mystery of


Colgrove, M.  How to Survive the Loss of a Love.

Fulghum, Robert.  All I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

Groopman, Jerome.  The Measure of Our Days.

Hendricks, Gay and Kathryn.  Conscious Loving: The Journey to Commitment.

Keen, Sam and Anne Valley-Fox Your Mythic Journey -  Finding Meaning in

Your Life Through Writing and Storytelling. (2)

Kessler, David.  The Rights of the Dying.

Levine, Stephen.  Healing into Life and Death.

Woititz, Janet Geringer.  Struggle for Intimacy.

Woititz, Janet Geringer.  Adult Children of Alcholics.


SOC: Social Issues [top]

Angelica, Rev. Jade Christine.  A Loss of Innocence

Bellah, Robert N.  Habits of the Heart.

Bergman, Martin S., ed.  Generations of the Holocaust.

Boenke, Mary.  Transforming Families

Branch, Taylor.  Parting the Waters:  America in the King Years 1954-63.

Branch, Taylor.  Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years 1963-65.

Dershowitz, Alan.  The Genesis of Justice.

Doerr, Edd and James W. Prescott, ed.  Abortion Rights and Fetal


Enroth, Ronald M., and Gerald E. Jamison.  The Gay Church.

Feagan, Joe R. and Melvin P. Sikes.   Living With Racism � The Black

Middle-Class Experience

Ferencz, Benjamin B.   Planethood

Ferguson, Marilyn.  The Aquarian Conspiracy.

Hansen, Ben.  The Last Man Out of China

Harrington, Michael.  The Politics of God�s Funeral.

Hoffer, Eric.  The True Believer

Hollender, Jeffrey.  How to Make the World a Better Place � A Guide to

Doing Good

Maier, Pauline.  American Scripture:  Making the Declaration of Independence.

McNeil, John J.  The Church and the Homosexual.

McNeil, John J.  Taking a Chance on God: Liberating Theology for Gays, Lesbians,

And Their Lovers, Families and Friends.

Menendez, Albert J.  Abortion Rights at the Polls � An Analysis of the

1992 Maryland Referendum

Menendez, Albert J.  The December Wars � Religious Symbols and Ceremonies

in the Public Square

Ritter, Bruce.  Sometimes God Has a Kid�s Face

Singer, June.  Androgyny: Toward a New Theory of Sexuality.

Slone-Collier, Kay.  In the Single Church.

Stanton, Mary.  From Selma to Sorrow:  The Life and Death of Viola Liuzzo.

Stewart, Jeffrey C.  1001 Things Everyone Should Know About African American


Swomley, John M.  Myths About Public School Prayer

Swomley, John M.  Abortion and Public Policy

Webster vs.  Reproductive Health Services.  U.S. Supreme Court � Roe vs. Wade.

Wheatley, Marjorie Bowens-  Soulwork.


SPI: Spiritual Issues [top]

Albom, Mitch.  Tuesdays With Morrie.

Beach, George Kimmich.  If Yes Is the Answer, What Is the Question?

Benson, Herbert.  The Relaxation Response.

Bok, Sissela.  Lying:  Moral Choices in Public and Private Life.

Browne, Sylvia.  Prayers.

Cady, Susan and Marian Ronan and Hal Taussig. The Future of Feminist


Callanan, Maggie and Patricia Kelley.  Final Gifts.

Davis, Charles.  Temptations of Religion.

Driver, Tom E.  The Magic of Ritual

Ford, James Ishmael.  This Very Moment.(2)

Fulghum, Robert.  All I really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten.

Fulghum, Robert.  From Beginning to End:  The Rituals of Our Lives (2).

Frankl, Viktor E.  Man�s Search for Meaning.

Gibran, Kahlil.  The Prophet.

Hutchinson, Gloria.  The Heart�s Healing Journey.

Keen, Sam.  To A Dancing God. (2)

Koop, Sheldon B.  If You Meet the Buddha on the Road Kill Him. (2)

Kushner, Harold.  When All You�ve Ever Wanted Isn�t Enough.

Lindbergh, Anne Morrow.  Gifts from the Sea.

Norwood, Robin.  Why Me, Why This, Why Now.

O�Connor, Elizabeth.  Search for Silence.

Patton,  Kenneth L.  A Religion of Realities. (2)

Paul, Stephen C. Inneractions.

Peck, M. Scott.  Further Along the Road Less Traveled

Peck, M. Scott.  The Road Less Traveled (2)

Radcliffe & White. Faith in Theory and Practice.

Walsch, Neale Donald.  Conversations With God.  Part I.

Walsch, Neale Donald.  Conversations With God.  Part II.

Watterson, Kathryn.  Not by the Sword.


UUB: UU Biography [top]

Commager, Henry Steele.  Theodore Parker � Yankee Crusader

Franck, Frederick.  Days With Albert Schweitzer

Henry, Richard.  Norbert Fabian Capek:  A Spiritual Journey.

Howlett, Duncan.  No Greater Love � The James Reeb Story

Kendrick, Stephen.  A Faith People Make � Illustrated Unitarian

Universalist Lives

Mendelsohn, Jack.  Channing:  The Reluctant Radical

Monzingo, Robert.  Thomas Starr King (2)

Robinson, David.  Apostle of Culture � Emerson As Preacher and Lecturer

Schwartz, A. Truman and John G. McEvoy.  Motion Toward Perfection:  The

Achievement of Joseph Priestley

Scott, Clinton Lee.  These Live Tomorrow � Twenty Unitarian Universalist


White, Michael, and John Gribbon.  Darwin:  A Life in Science.

UUH: UU History [top]

Channing, William Ellery, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Theodore Parker.  Three

Prophets of Religious Liberalism.

Cooper, James F., Jr. Tenacious of Their Liberties: The Congregationalists in

Colonial Massachusetts.

Davies, A. Powell.  American Destiny.

Frank Jr., Willard C. A Year With Our Liberal Heritage.  (2 copies)

Howe, Charles.  For Faith and Freedom. (2)

Howe, Charles.  The Larger Faith. (2)

Howlett, Duncan.  The Fourth American Faith.

Parke, David B.  The Epic of Unitarianism.  (2 copies)

Staples, Laurence C.  Washington Unitarianism.

Teele, John Whittemore, ed. The Meeting House on the Green � A History of

the First Parish in Concord and its Church.

Wedda, John.  New England Worships.

The Quality of Religious Life in Unitarian Universalist Congregations �


Wright, Conrad.  The Journal of Unitarian Universalist History, Vol XXVIII, Part

1 (Bibliography 1946-1995).

Wright, Conrad.  A Stream of Light - A Short History of American

Unitarianism. (2)


UUP: UU Philosophy/Theology [top]

Alexander, Scott, ed.  Salted With Fire.

Buehrens, John.  A Chosen Faith. (2)

Buehrens, John, ed.  The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide. (2)

Howlett, Duncan.  The Critical Way In Religion.

Marshall, Bruce T.  A Holy Curiosity. (2)

Marshall, George N.  Challenge of a Liberal Faith.(2)

Morgan, John.  The Devotional Heart.  (2)

Murry, William R. A Faith for All Seasons - Liberal Religion and the

Crises of Life.

Scholefield, Harry B. ed., The Unitarian Universalist Pocket Guide. (3)

Smith, Gary E. Awakened From The Forest.

Wesley, Alice Blair.  Myths of Time and History - A UU Theology. (2)


WOM: Women's Issues [top]


WR: World Religions  [top]



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